European Style 77 55 PU Foam Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

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 PU roller shutter door roll forming machine


 Technical Parameter

1.   Steel Sheet Thickness: 0.2-0.3mm (depend on requirement )

2.   Cutting: fly saw cutting

3.   Transmission way: gear box

4.   Material of blad: Cr12, quenching treatment

5.   Capacity of Decoiler: 3 ton hydraulic decoiler

6.   Forming Speed: 0-40/0-60m/min

7.   Roller Groups: 37 stations

8.   Roller Material: GCr15 grade steel, quenching treatment

9.   Material: Aluminum 

10. Principal Axis: 45# high grade steel with quenching treatment

11. Main Motor Power: 7.5Kw

12. Punching:11kw


PU roller Shutter Door Main Components

     S.N    Equipment name     Quantity
      1.     3T manual un-coiler      1 set
      2.     Guide and leveling device      1 set
      3.     Main roll forming machine      1 set
      4.     Foaming machine(just foamed one owned)      1 set
      5.     Straighten device      1 set
      6.     Control system (including control box)      1 set
      7.     Out tables      2 sets
      8.     Fly saw cutting      1 set
      9.     Spare parts and tools      1 set
















finished product

PU roller shutter door pu roller shutter door PU roller shutter door



























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